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Isolation Dairies

Squire Director Jay Creagh wrapped on his 100th isolation film. For us he releases a compilation of all the beautiful moments he caught during his lockdown experience.

“ I started the project by accident, fiddling around trying to take my mind off a huge shift in my life. It's been a really testing time period. Very lonely. Very tumultuous. But very reflective. I poured my heart and eyes into looking and noticing. Making space and giving myself room to create. I kept nearly giving up, but my camera kept pulling me back.

I'm so deeply in love with the headspace it's given me. I've loved every second of it. But now it's time to find the next thing.

I hope they've let a few of you find a little bit of stillness and reflection over the past few months. I've received some lovely words and connected with some lovely people. It's been joyous.”

Watch the full series on his website.