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Deane Thrussell

Deane is a rare breed, being both a vastly accomplished director and an RTS award-winning cinematographer.

He is at the forefront of Director/DOP’s who balance a passion for artistic purity and the science of cinema. He is captivated by the power of digital technologies to push creative boundaries, he specialises in 3D and high-speed work. He has adapted a distinct personal style to embrace this, one with the hallmarks of clear and ambitious vision with a technically integrated approach to delivery.

His background as an award-winning editor at the BBC enables him to apply an old-school focus of detail and rigour to the most groundbreaking new methods, operating in a seamless and organic way from concept to delivery.

This has led him to directing global campaigns for Aston Martin, Barclays, Pepsi, Land Rover, Xbox, Jaguar and InterContinental Hotels.