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Jay Brasier-Creagh

Jay is a young upcoming director who’s been working on documentaries, music videos, fashion content and commercial work. Producing, Directing, Shooting and Editing, Jay is all hands on deck. A dynamic and curious nature, with a good knowledge of technical film and post production makes Jay a highly versatile creative director. Naturally inspired, he and Phil like to experiment with science and art, collaborating with a range of technologists, artists and organisations, pushing the boundaries of various emerging technologies in film and music. He’s directed, produced, shot and edited content with clients such as Adidas, Drambuie, Dr Martens, Roisin Murphy, Little Wardrobe, Le Col, Hyperloop TT, Coach, and many more.

In this recent uncertain time of lockdown, we all found it challenging to keep the mind creative and inspired. Jay challenged himself by filming and editing a short film everyday for a hundred days, reflecting on these quiet times.

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